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Q: What is permanent grout sealing?
A: Permanent Grout Sealing is a product that does not need to be redone because nothing in the sealer breaks down as long as it is being maintained properly.

Q: Should I seal a brand new floor?
A: Yes, grout is a very porous material and the minute you wash your floors for the 1st time you have just changed the grout color and started a breeding ground for mold, mildew and all kinds of nasty bacteria that builds up in the grout.

Q: What is the right color to choose?
A: This is mostly preference, but grout is not necesserily level so at Grout Plus we like to blend it into the tile making it less obvious.

Q: How Important is a properly prepared floor before sealing?
A: This is VERY important. If the grout is not brought to a porous state before sealing, the sealer will not penetrate the grout which can lead to the sealer peeling in the future.